"Guardian Chimney Service has been servicing Hoosier chimneys during all seasons for 20 years now. During that time, it has always been a challenge to prove to folks that the worst enemy of their masonry chimney is WATER! That's right- the beautiful, warm, soaking rains that we get in the spring and summer here in Indy are great for flowers and trees, but bad for masonry chimneys. If you go outside and take a good look at your chimney. Even from the ground, you may be able to see rust stains from old, rusted, metal chimney caps; cracked and flaking bricks; dark, stained, loose mortar joints between bricks; and, if you or someone else has been on the roof to get a good view of the top of the chimney, you will most likely see CRACKS in the "crown".

The crown is like the roof of your chimney. And, just like when the roof of your house has failing shingles or areas that are not water-tight, then everything underneath the roof eventually becomes damaged as well.

While most folks dont give their chimney a second look- that is, until they see problems inside-your chimney deserves the same attention and regular maintenance as other cherished areas of your home. And, many folks dont even know that their fireplace flues and dryer vents should be cleaned AND inspected EVERY YEAR (according to the National Fire Protection Association- NFPA 211).

Call Guardian Chimney Service TODAY to get an expert opinion and answers to all of your fireplace and chimney questions and concerns. We provide FREE ESTIMATES. We sweep fireplace flues all year round, and we perform stainless steel relines of furnace and fireplace flues that are old, cracked or crumbling. We give you Old-Fashioned Service, using the technology of today. You and your family deserve peace of mind about your fireplace. In order to provide the fun, functional, and family experiences and memories that a great fireplace provides, your fireplace and chimney need the professional care that Guardian Chimney Service has provided for 20 years.

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